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    In a world where bandwidth and privacy needs are in constant evolution, Sipartech Dark Fiber provides you with a universal and perennial key


    SIPARTECH is an independent neutral network operator which dark fiber network spans across the Paris metropolitan area  with more than 1 000 km of cables installed

    We provide technical services that answer the connectivity needs of corporates, operators and local governments.

    As the owner of its own network infrastructure and of a Research and Development Cluster, SIPARTECH provides its clients and partner companies with a guaranteed foundation on which to compete in the marketplace and to ensure long-lasting investments.

    Link - infrastructure coverage status

    Infrastructure coverage status

    Sipartech Consulting

    SIPARTECH Consulting is a client/service-oriented consulting firm.

    Above all, our core values reflect your trust in our company: transparency, reliability and loyalty.

    Every day, our teams combine field feedbacks, the resource of their experience with the outputs of our R&D Center to feed into the success of your project.

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